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Slouch witch by helen harper

I just recently finished the Slouch Witch series by Helen Harper. And I loved them.

Slouch Witch follows Ivy Wilde, a self-proclaimed lazy human who happens to be a kick-ass witch actively embodying IDGAF. The voice is sassy and entertaining without flying over the top. The mystery is intriguing and layered, and the romance intimate and subtle. There isn’t any ear-shattering sex (that Harper lets us experience), but you won’t miss it for a moment. Ivy and Winter’s developing relationship is something to enjoy all on it’s own. And it doesn’t lack for sexy.

Slouch Witch series by Helen Harper.
Check out the Slouch Witch series on Amazon!

Harper does some interesting things with her fantasy story:

  1. She writes a romance that is aware of fantasy romance tropes, and makes it hellishly sexy without making you uncomfortable.
  2. Her main character is not some strapped muscly model pining for a lover. Instead, Ivy is adorably plump, egregiously out of shape, and comfortably attracted to whatever she finds attractive (however, you will still find some denial).
  3. Harper advances plot well. This story, although snarky, is not a comedy of errors. Aspects you suspect as obvious plot devices are actually not. It’s refreshing and respectful to her characters and our brains.
  4. You should read these books.

I listened to the first two on audiobook, as the third is yet to be brought to Audible, and was incredibly pleased with the reader, Tanya Eby. She hits the comedy and sass, avoids the cheese, and is great with character voices.

(This is coming from me, the woman who becomes physically distressed because of a bad audiobook reader.)

Overall, Slouch Witch is a great series. Totally recommend. They’re at a good price on Amazon, where you can buy paperback, Kindle, and Audiobook. Enjoy!







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