Over the past few years, I’ve learned a lot about my creative needs. For so long I enforced an odd rule that if I wasn’t consistently studying a single art form, I was unworthy of art altogether. I’d become guilty if I neglected my drawing, so eventually I stopped drawing. I couldn’t force myself to write every single day, so I quit writing.

This, for my information and yours, is bullshit.

I had made art to be this big, massive obligation, instead of the freeing form of expression it really is. For some, daily or weekly repetition is the best way to express themselves. And that’s fine. For myself, I fever out for five hours of concentrated artistry and collapse, exhausted and fulfilled. Then, I’ll do the same thing next week with a different project.

I switch projects monthly, even weekly, and the freedom is incredible. The joy of it sustains me.

Painting, however, has been a very consistent outlet for me. I connect well with the medium and its endless possibilities. On that subject, I’ve been trying something new: pour painting. Literally dumping acrylic paint into a bowl, pouring it onto a canvas, and letting it spread over the canvas as it pleases.

It’s a fun and easy painting idea that anyone can do.

And dear God, I’m in love. Here are some of my new spreads!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out what other pro’s are doing with pour painting:

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