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Hello, friends! I am thrilled to announce that my very first book, What Do You Know of the Dream Walkers, will be released by Spring 2018!

Kia isn’t a ‘normal’ noble of Everdell. For one, she was born without magic. Two, she was basically the coolest person she knew. Well, besides Jal. And Sir Falnym. And her parents, and Bug, and… okay. There were a lot of cool people in her life. But Kia was determined to become the most awesome (non-magical) estate lord there ever was.

That is, until things start happening.

In a story of magic, adventure, betrayal and friendship, Saskia Pravalda finds herself alone and running on a quest to solve a mystery, and save her home. What was this new dark force awakening across the land? Who was trying their hardest to capture her? Where was she supposed to run?

And why did things keep getting… magical?

I never thought I’d have the insight or stamina needed to write a novel. But here it is, folks. This is a middle grade fantasy/young adult fantasy novel for teens and adults who love a good story about magic and love.

001What Do You Know Of The Dream Walkers- fantasy novel- middle grade - young adult literature

When writing, I found myself frustrated by the normal fantasy tropes we’ve all come to expect. Women cleaning in dresses, men in armor, the overly-used religious structures… you get the point. These things became expected in ever fantasy book I read. Even the ones I loved like Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive (a MUST READ!! They are excellent!!).

Still, gender roles, constructs, religion and socio-political structures felt exhausted and over-used.

I feel as thought readers should be surprised! They should be shown something fresh and interesting in fantasy books, which strive to show different cultures and ways of life. That doesn’t mean I wrote a fantasy story that’s completely new, or that I even totally achieved any of this — actually, I relied on typical fantasy tropes and plots.

However, the details are where I pushed against the expected. Women should be trained in martial arts, swordplay. Not just the “foreign races” or the “mountain folk” or “goblin clans” where things are different, and women fight alongside men. In this story, it’s expected that there are just as many women as men in guards and armies. It’s normal and respectful for men to stay home and study academics or nurture the family just as much as women. Young adults/kids are powerful and trustworthy, and have a supportive clan of adults around them who are friends, not just protectors. They are taken seriously.

Saskia (Kia) Pravalda, our protagonist in What Do You Know of the Dream Walkers, fights to uphold those ideals, among others. I am brimming with pride on how powerful she is, and how strong she became even in this small book of mine. She is an inspiration to me, as I hope she will be to all of the girls, boys, men and women out there who read.

Stay tuned for updates on the release schedule! Will be publishing a short, EPIC first look into the novel soon. For free. Follow me on Twitter to get updates, and join me and Saskia on our newsletter!

Join us in Everdell >

001What Do You Know Of The Dream Walkers


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