This week in picture inspiration for descriptive writing: fantasy art for epic world building! Thank you, Pinterest (& all the lovely, talented people who created the artwork below).

Photo inspiration collection for descriptive writing in fantasy%2Ffantasy art (1).png

Writing fantasy can be extremely fun and incredibly difficult. I mean, you’re creating an entirely new world with its own rules, magic, creatures, language… in other words, you’re being epic.

So here’s some inspiration for fantastic realms, world building, creature art, and even some character sketches that I found on Pinterest. And if you’re a Pinterest lover like me, these photos are ready to be saved straight to your board. So get writing (and pinning)!

** all photos pictured below are owned by their original artists, not This post is meant to share the artwork, and all copyrighted materials and claims stand


Still feeling inspired?

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Want more info on emotional writing?

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