If you found yourself here, you probably want to be a creative writer.

Like, professional. Writing books and all.

If you found yourself here, you probably want to be a creative writer. Like, professional. Writing books and all..png

It might also mean you have nooo idea what you’re doing. This struggle is something I understand all too well.

I’ve been writing and editing for nearly seven years now– can you believe it?? I have poems and essays published and much more written content under my belt that I ever thought was possible. Working with the 1888 Center editing titles like And Then, This, Cherry Cherry and The Cost of Paper was almost too exciting. And today I’m totally pumped to announce I have my own novel in the works!

But it wasn’t always so hip-skip happy.

From the time I learned how to read (Winnie the Pooh Books, thanks for asking), I was the little girl who got in trouble because she read too muchYeah. That was me. Hiding in the corner behind my bookcase, dodging my chores. Firing through a novel during class. Reading a book while rollerskating in my driveway during a storm (I was a desperate child).

I went from cute little reader kiddo, to delinquent student, to hazard. 🙂

And by that time I was desperate to be a writer. My own books?! Can you imagine…

But something was always holding me back. Insecurity, self-doubt, and above it:

I didn’t know how to write a book at all.

Surely there were structures, rules, techniques and stylistic necessities out there. These books I fell in love with were full of humor, twists, danger and emotional tangles. How in the world could I recreate something like that?? 

I was so scared of failing, of not knowing how, that the only thing I did was save a few ideas for when I was older, when I’d know what I was doing.

I fell down this road of fear for years. Telling myself I couldn’t. 

And to be honest, by the time I made it to college I was fed up with my own inhibitions. I was an English major who didn’t want to be an academic teacher or cubicle mole. I needed something more, and so I decided to take a creative writing class.

This was a huge stepI remember walking into the class, believing in my heart that everything was about to change. Because someone was about to tell me what, why, and how. 

Oh man, did I learn. We dissected poems, short stories, writing techniques, contexts, and the conceptual strategies that impact readers. All this was done while writing our own stuff!

In the end, my mind = blown. And this class was only the start. I wanted more.

In all, I took 3 classes before I graduated. By the end, I was a part of a powerful group of creative writer friends, had an improved knowledge of creative writing and storytelling, and a helluva passion.

Since then, I’ve published poems and essays, worked in indie publishing, editing and marketing, made a ton of valuable connections with authors and creatives, and am about to publish my very first novel (omg).

My little self would think I’m the beezneez. And that makes me proud beyond words.

Now, if you can relate to any part of my story, that struggle, I am here for you. Though this journey, I’ve realized that not only do I want to write, I want desperately to support growing authors. Because there’s simply not enough support for growing authors. 

Now, my ultimate goal is to help you become the author you want to be – even if you know nothing about creative writing.

It’s the desire that makes the writer. The passion. Skills – any skill – can be learned. I promise you that. 

So let’s get to it! If you’re excited to start, check out my blog for tips + tricks, and stay tuned for courses coming soon! Woohoo!

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