poetry projects by julianne berokoff

Breaking news! I am compiling and editing my (first!) poetry chapbook. The poems I am working with are centered on my experiences in and the consequences of living in my closed religious community.

Of course, I’m still wheedling down what I’d like to include in the chapbook. Even more is the organization, the theme, the effect. Chapbooks I believe are generally 20-35 pages, but I’m most certainly discovering how much thought they require.

All in all, things are going forward and I expect to begin submitting the chapbook to journals and competitions next year!

Wish me luck!

new fiction projects from julianne berokoff

I was inspired at a young age with an idea. It was a vivid, burning image of a woman, liquid oil tattoos writhing across her skin. She was filled with fire and strength, and the ability to create change.

There was more to it, yes, but twelve-year-old Julianne was terrified, so she pocketed it until twenty-one-year-old Julianne was brave enough to pull it out.

Now here I am, writing an urban fantasy novel exploring the fae in its existence in the Southern California beach town of Laguna. Tattoos and all.

julianne berokoff editing and publishing projects

I’ve had the incredible fortune of having been involved in several editing and publishing projects, particularly with the 1888 Center. Here are some of my past & running professional ventures!

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 3.42.52 PM
I am the submissions manager and editor for 2017’s The Cost of Paper! Submissions are open until October 31st! I’m reading through the short stories as they come through. Looking for a theme and the front runners. This edition is going to be great!
1888 Center & Magazine
I’m editing an upcoming novella by 1888’s own Kevin Staniec! (in progress and to be released Fall 2017!)
I worked with Hunter Moreno editing  for Cherry Cherry, by Taryn Tilton . Available now at the 1888 Center!
DASH Literary Magazine
In 2016 at CSUF, I was alongside my classmates working to publish DASH Literary Magazine. I was an Art & Fiction Editorial Committee Member











Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.45.12 AM
I was part of 2017 Plaza Literary Prize Editorial Committee! We read through 100+ novella submissions to find the best one. Check out the winner, Cherry Cherry, above!