·· Book 1: What Do You Know of the Dream Walkers ··

001What Do You Know Of The Dream Walkers

Kia isn’t a ‘normal’ noble of Everdell. For one, she was born without magic. Two, she  was basically the coolest person she knew. Well, besides Jal. And Sir Falnym. And her parents, and Bug, and… okay. There were a lot of cool people in her life. But Kia was determined to become the most awesome (non-magical) estate lord there ever was.

That is, until things start happening.

In a story of friendship, adventure, and betrayal, Saskia Pravalda finds herself alone and running on a quest to solve a mystery and save her home. What was this new dark force awakening across the land? Who was trying their hardest to capture her? Where was she supposed to run?

And why did things keep getting… magical?

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·· The Cost of Paper, Volume V··

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The Cost of Paper is an annual publication dedicated to short fiction. It is a unique anthology of international narrative prose sold only for the cost of paper in your hand—or, completely free at 1888.center. Featuring cover artwork by Konstantin Datz. Purchase the print edition of The Cost of Paper: Volume One, Volume Two, Volume Three, and Volume Four on Amazon.

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·· And Then, This ··

And then, this, by kevin staniec

“Everyone has an opinion about how Leah died. It was a suicide, yet Riley seems to be the only one convinced. Details of Leah’s death were left unanswered, and Riley’s departure was strangely abrupt, but what is it about Riley that has everyone muttering murder? He loved her, and it’s true that he’s running, but not all who run are guilty.”

And Then, This threads instability seamlessly throughout the novella, leaving the reader questioning the truth at every turn. From the first apocalyptic images of a burning Southern California to Riley’s surreal journey along the coast, Kevin Staniec surpasses the traditional questions of a murder mystery and asks, “what if?”

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·· Cherry Cherry ··


“Thoughts of boys crowd the minds of Sophie’s friends, but she can only think of the way pink frosted lip gloss looks on Jen’s smile. Emotions tangle, and Sophie finds herself on the brink of youth and adulthood, stuck between the boy who is pursuing her and the young woman who makes her heart skip a beat. This summer is going to be different.”

With exceptional purpose, 2017’s Plaza Literary Prize winner finds the careful line between childhood and adulthood, and artfully guides us alongside. In a story of love, infatuation, and friendship, Taryn Tilton’s colorful language and brutal honesty reaches to readers of all ages and reminds us that in teenagehood, gravity lives in every moment.

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